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Get Over Yourself and Love Like Jesus

We can all think of difficult people in our lives who are a source of tension and conflict. It can be easy to join them and live a bitter, depressing, self-centred life.

Even though the enemy's plan is to fill you with strife, Jesus' plan for you is to live with inner strength and peace that enables you to be emotionally strong in every situation and relationship.

This three-part series will allow you to:

  • Deal with the root of self-centredness
  • Follow Jesus' example of being a peace-maker, not a peace-keeper
  • Be led by love and peace as you navigate difficult relationships

The truth is, God has called us as believers to 'get over ourselves' and to 'love like Jesus'. It's only then that we will experience true freedom, peace, and fulfillment in our lives.

If you prefer to receive a copy of this audio series by mail, please call 1-800-414-2545.

Get Over Yourself and Love Like Jesus

Leon Fontaine

Leon Fontaine is Senior Pastor of Springs Church (one of the largest churches in Canada), the CEO of Miracle Channel, a world renowned speaker and author of The Spirit Contemporary Life and Supernatural Promises. He and his wife, Sally, have five children who are all passionately serving in ministry.