Be An Unconditional Friend

Leon Fontaine Devoted

A true friend loves regardless of the situation, and a real brother exists to share the tough times. Proverbs 17:17 (VOICE)

We’ve been on a series about the wisdom of Proverbs for our relationships, and today’s verse provides another gem about how to be a true friend. Let’s dive in to its two main points.

In today’s verse, we’re encouraged to love unconditionally, regardless of the situation, and share in those tough times. All too often, we are so busy or so focused on getting our own needs met that we miss opportunities to be there for our friends and family.

We try to convince ourselves that someone else will do it—someone else will stop in on that friend who’s grieving, who just lost their job, who’s going through a divorce, or who’s battling depression. We may even say, I’m not really good at that. Someone else should go who’s better at it. But the reality is, Holy Spirit is in YOU, empowering you to make a difference in that person’s life. Besides, when you do take the time to step into someone’s mess to encourage and lift them up, it’s so rewarding!

I’m not saying that you need to deplete yourself by putting others’ needs above your own. That doesn’t help anyone, long-term. But you can challenge yourself to look for ways to help and lift up the people around you.

Has anyone in particular come to mind while you’ve been reading this? Why not give them a call or send them a message to see how they’re doing? Remember, you aren’t responsible to meet their every need. Simply be a friend, and give them a glimpse of that same unconditional love our Father God continually pours out on each of us.