Canadian Election 2021

Watch MC specials that tackle campaign issues from a Christian perspective.


Return to Reason: The Threat of Socialism

Leon Fontaine discusses the threat socialism is to Canada's future and challenges voters to engage in the process of keeping politicians accountable.

Choose Your Canada

Get informed about major election issues that will affect the future of Canada in this four-part series. Sit at the table with Leon Fontaine, David Craig and Jeff Thiessen as they hear the facts from guest David Leis, a VP from the Frontier Centre for Public Policy.

Stand Up for Canada

As the Canadian election approaches, Leon Fontaine, David Craig and Jeff Thiessen talk about the importance of Christians using their voice to make a difference in Canada.

12 Keys to Choosing Our Next Prime Minister

Canadians have an important federal election this September! Well respected worldwide for his business and leadership training, Leon Fontaine shares 12 important keys on how to evaluate leaders.

Leon Fontaine - The Spirit Contemporary Life

In this series, Leon Fontaine explores The Spirit Contemporary Life: how to unleash the miraculous in your everyday world.

"Do Something": Book by Preston Manning

*Available with a minimum donation of $100
In this riveting and inspirational book, author and parliamentarian Preston Manning calls on Canadians of all beliefs and allegiances to renew their nation’s democracy and the ideas, processes, and institutions that support it. Drawing on a lifetime of public service, he offers 365 practical ways that people can get involved and make a difference, in their communities and on the national stage. “There is an old saying,” writes Manning, “that a Canadian optimist is someone who believes things could be worse. But I am an optimist who believes the future can be better if enough of us resolve to make it so.”

Declare God's Favour Over Canada

Download a free page with 8 declarations to speak over Canada.

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