Insight is Miracle Channel’s live, call-in interview program, hosted by veteran broadcaster, Paul Arthur.

It features expert guests who address current hot topic issues and gives a unique opportunity for viewers to interact immediately with their questions, comments, and stories by calling into the show.

Voice your opinions either by phone, toll free: 1-888-816-2545 or (403) 380-7496, or by email at


11:00am – 12:00pm

11:00pm – 12:00am

About The Host

Paul Arthur is a veteran broadcaster, now in his 16th year with Insight. His experience also includes nine years in secular radio and time as a freelance narrator of videos and commercials, something Paul still enjoys doing. Paul’s spiritual journey includes some tough times. Separated in the early years of marriage, almost ending in divorce, God sewed the marriage back together and Paul rededicated his life to Jesus. Paul and Heather have been blessed with a large family, with seven girls and five boys. Paul enjoys spending time with family and friends, and being in the great outdoors!