Is It True?

Leon Fontaine Devoted

And now dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise. Philippians 4:8 (NLT)

Do you question your thoughts?

Satan is constantly at work to try to kill, steal and destroy. How does he do this? By attacking our minds with lies to try to get us focused on something untrue. If we don’t ever question our thoughts, we’ll believe there’s always truth to them. Oftentimes we get even farther off track when we take an unsure thought and expect to gain clarity by focusing on it, because the more we focus on something, the more we believe it!

Instead, when a thought comes to our head, the very first test it needs to pass is: is it true? Notice it’s not whether you think it could possibly be true but rather, can you be absolutely sure it’s true? If something is not proven to be true, you are not to focus on it.

Whatever Satan wants to separate you from will always start with a thought; whether it be relationships, church, finances or tithing. Now, if you can’t be absolutely sure it’s true, stop talking, focusing and thinking about it, and recognize there’s a mind game at work.

You might say, but what if I’m not sure if it’s true? We aren’t given that luxury. Imagine how much phenomenal strength we’d enjoy if we didn’t waste our time focusing on unknown half-truths!

In order to control your mind, thinking, judgment and emotions, follow Jesus’ example and filter your thoughts through the judging system He followed in today’s verse. Then you will truly know what it’s like to live with the mind of Christ