The Legacy Builders group is Miracle Channel’s way of honouring a very special kind of partner: those who have arranged a planned gift to Miracle Channel.

By uniting with us in this way, our Legacy Builders bring the good news and God’s powerful Word into homes across Canada and around the world—and leave a legacy that endures into eternity. Membership in the Legacy Builders group is open to anyone making a deferred gift to the channel, regardless of the gift amount. If you have designated Miracle Channel as a beneficiary in your estate plan or will, our board of directors and CEO, Leon Fontaine, would like the opportunity to formally recognize your generosity today by making you a member of our Legacy Builders group.

Benefits of leaving a Legacy Gift and becoming a Legacy Builder:

  • Leaving a legacy that endures into eternity.
  • Inspiring others to make a gift to support a cause you hold dear.
  • Saving estate tax for the benefit of your beneficiaries.
  • Preserving your right to decide where a larger portion of your estate is allocated.
  • Continuing to reach people for Jesus across this nation and around the world in a relevant, contemporary, and highly effective way.

As a Legacy Builder, you will also receive invitations to exclusive Miracle Channel receptions and events throughout the year. We love to take advantage of every opportunity to get together with this core team to share our common vision and passion for reaching the world for Christ. You will also receive a certificate of recognition, subscription to DEVOTED, our daily devotional, and receive special correspondence from Miracle Channel to ensure that you are among the first to know of exciting channel news and updates.

If you qualify for membership in the Legacy Builders group, or if you would like additional information on making a planned gift to Miracle Channel, please contact:
We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Become a Legacy Builder

Below are some brief descriptions on some of the ways you can participate and become a Legacy Builder.

Naming Miracle Channel as a beneficiary in your will is one of the easiest planned giving options. A charitable bequest refers to a disposition in your will of a particular amount of money, specific property, or a percentage of the estate.

If you have planned a gift to Miracle Channel in your will, please let us know so that we may have the opportunity to thank you for your generosity. Bequests are kept strictly confidential unless disclosure is expressly permitted.

*If you wish to remain anonymous, Miracle Channel will ensure such wishes are respected.