Like A War Horse

Leon Fontaine Devoted

God blesses those who are humble, for they will inherit the whole earth. Matthew 5:5 (NLT)

One word that really trips people up is the word meek.

When Jesus mentioned this word, He wasn’t referring to being timid, soft-spoken or wimpy. The Greek word is praus, and means so much more than meek. There is a component of gentleness and reserve to its meaning, but also strength. It means power under control.

In the Greek language, this is the same word they used to describe their war horses, which the Bible describes as magnificent creatures. Although they were tremendously powerful animals, their power was under complete control. With only a nudge of the riders’ knee or a gentle tug of the reins, the horse was instantly obedient to its rider, no matter how loud or brutal the battle.

These horses were fierce in battle. They would paw at the ground in anticipation, unafraid of the thundering sounds the armies made by bashing swords and lances against their shields.

This type of horse seemed to devour the ground with fierceness and rage and couldn’t stand still when he heard the war trumpet, the thunder of the captains and the shouting of the troops afar (Job 39:24-25, AMPC).

This gives us a very different picture of what Jesus meant when He said that the meek would inherit the earth. This is so important because the next generation doesn’t want to serve a Jesus who is portrayed as too wimpy and powerless to make a difference in their lives.

Learn to be meek like a war horse. Be confident, unwilling to back down and instantly obedient to Holy Spirit, and learn to know your authority so well that power under control sums you up perfectly.