Our Greatest Purpose In Life

Leon Fontaine Devoted

Go out and train everyone you meet, far and near, in this way of life. Matthew 28:18–20 (MSG)

Yesterday we introduced the fact that God has two purposes He wants to fulfill in your life. The first is your specific purpose, which involves what you do for a living, how you choose to spend your time, and how you help out at your local church.

The other purpose God has for your life is one you share with every believer and it’s non-negotiable. It’s something Jesus Himself asked us to do in Matthew 28:18–20. We are to share Christ with the world.

I find that many people focus only on their specific purpose without paying any attention to this shared purpose. The problem is that you can completely fulfill your specific purpose and still feel empty and hollow inside if you haven’t given any attention to bringing others to Christ.

You could be a brilliant doctor saving lives, or an incredible musician who writes songs the whole world sings. You could even work fulltime for a church or other ministry and that specific purpose will actually destroy you without the balance and foundation of the general purpose of bringing people to Christ.

Actually, your specific, individual purpose will always be linked in some way or another to bringing people to Jesus. As you build influence in your world and people see you thriving in your gifts and talents, you can use that platform to point people to your source.

You’ve probably contemplated your specific purpose before, but today I want you to take some time to think about this great big purpose we all share—Jesus’ call to introduce others to Him. This purpose will change your world if you simply pay attention to it.