Peace is Your Right!

Leon Fontaine Walk in the Word

What’s robbing your sense of peace today?

If ten people answered that question, we’d probably get ten different answers. A stressful work situation, a difficult parenting phase with one of your children, financial pressure, health issues… you name it! All of us are facing problems that can keep us up at night.

But peace is your right and privilege as a child of God!

Whatever you’re facing, whether low-level stress or the deepest valley you’ve ever experienced, it doesn’t have to take your peace or knock you off balance. The peace Jesus gives us is complete!

So why do we still deal with anxiety, worries and crippling fear? How do we handle the fears whispering thoughts like, “You’ll never make it out of this,” or “What if it never gets better?”

God has given us His Word as a weapon, and it combats every fear. His promises are a strong foundation, and when we plant ourselves in His Word, nothing can shake us.

Of course there can be medical reasons behind anxious thoughts or depression. But Jesus is above any diagnosis or condition (Philippians 2:9), and no matter the situation, healing and stability are yours because of Him!

To get the Word to “work” for us, we need to get it down into our hearts, where it can begin to change our deepest beliefs. We need to meditate on God’s principles and promises.

One way to meditate on the Word is to speak it! Find promises that deal with your situation or talk about your identity in Christ, and begin to speak them out loud often.

You can take John 14:27 and say, “I have peace of mind and heart—the kind of peace that comes from Jesus. I have no reason to be afraid.”

Or use Habakkuk 3:18: “God is my source of strength and courage. He steadies me and leads me forward with confidence.”

The important thing as you declare the Word is to make it your own! And as you speak, put your imagination to work and picture God’s peace flooding you from the inside out.

To help you start training your thoughts to focus on God’s Word, we’ve put together this month’s Walk in the Word—a collection of personalized declarations based on different verses on peace.

Click here to download your Walk in the Word PDF, then print it out and begin declaring what God says about you! The more you develop a habit of speaking life, the Word will take root in your heart and begin to anchor you in His perfect peace.

Nothing can take away your peace—it’s yours because you’re a child of God!

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