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Renew your subscription to Devoted today!

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This powerful resource by Leon Fontaine will guide you step-by-step in claiming God’s promises over your life so you can begin to walk out the incredible life he has for you!
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Leon Fontaine’s eye-opening book, The Spirit Contemporary Life, will help you to experience the miraculous in your everyday life…in a way that powerfully attracts others to Jesus.
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Devoted has been a great benefit and help in my life and faith journey.
– Kathleen


I am truly blessed with the Spirit Contemporary message. God bless you.
– Raoul


These truths are wonderful and life-changing.
– Tevita


I read Devoted every day! Thank you for these daily messages of hope.
– Bernice


I have just started receiving your devotions and I find them inspiring.
– Debbie


Thank you for the awesome messages.
– Lorraine (South Africa)

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