The Spirit Contemporary Life- Season 1

Responsible Feelings

Leon Fontaine teaches about how to control our emotions and be responsible with our feelings, based on biblical heart-beliefs.

Belief Systems of the Heart

Continuing his series on untangling our wrong heart-beliefs, Leon Fontaine delivers a powerful message.

Your Identity & Your Rights

Are you living like a son or daughter of the King of Kings? Leon teaches about your identity and rights.

The Secret Life

Finishing up the series on beliefs, Leon Fontaine shares a key to enjoying the abundant and blessed life like never before.

Your Heart's Autopilot

Leon teaches on the peril of your misbeliefs and how to program your heart's autopilot with God's unchanging Word.

Dealing with Heart Beliefs

In this Spirit Contemporary message, Leon Fontaine shares how you can discover and rewire your heart beliefs.

Heart Seeds

Are you planting seeds of God's truth in your heart? Leon explores this important principle.

A Heart of Significance

What is your true heart's desire? Today, Leon Fontaine shares how Jesus calls us to a life of great significance.

Miracles of the Heart

Get a heart check-up! You'll love this empowering message about unleashing the miraculous in your every day world.

Releasing Supernatural Strength & Power

Learn to release incredible strength and supernatural power in your world by declaring Ephesians three over your life.

Jesus Qualifies You for Miracles

In this stunning message, Leon explains the beauty and simplicity of producing miracles in every area of life.

The Author & Finisher of our Faith

Unwire the religious mindset that says miracles are held back because of our sin; Leon explores Jesus' gift of the cross.

Unleashing the Miraculous

Leon shares how we can walk in the miraculous easily and effortlessly, if we get our beliefs from our head, to our hearts.

Fellowshipping with Holy Spirit

In this Spirit Contemporary message, Leon Fontaine shares how spending time with Holy Spirit can impact your whole world.

Heart & Identity

In this message, Leon Fontaine delves into how our hearts determine our identity.

The Hidden Man

Our identities are formed from such an early age, Leon Fontaine shares about the power of words amongst family.

Your True Nature

Leon teaches viewers that they aren't to live under the old covenant, but rather understand our true nature, in Christ.

Spirit Contemporary

Leon shares a powerful message; understanding how the gifts of the Spirit can be expressed in a Spirit Contemporary way is vital.

Move Forward in Life

If you want to be charged up and motivated to have the best year you've ever had, Leon's message will do just that!

The Mystery

Today, Leon teaches on the mystery of the abundant life God wants for you, and how to access what you're entitled to.

The Miraculous

In Pt. 2 of this powerful message; Leon teaches how the gifts of the Spirit should be expressed in a Spirit Contemporary way.

Do You Believe in Love?

In this message, Leon will help you understand your own beliefs on love, and how to gain godly wisdom on true love.

Speak Their Love Language

Today, Leon will explain the benefits of speaking and hearing one another's love language - no matter what type of relationship.

How to Judge in Relationships

In this stunning message, Leon explores how we should rightly judge others behaviours but never their motives.

Invisible Family Truths

Today, Leon unearths the invisible family truths that each of us carries in our hearts; and how you can pray powerfully over your kids.

Understanding God’s Blessing

On today's show, Join Leon as he shares on what it really means to be blessed, and how you can get more of God's blessing in YOUR life.

Accurate Dreaming

Have you ever wondered what your calling is? Join Leon today as he shares on destiny and callings.

Releasing Favour

Join Leon today, as he shares how YOU can stand strong during a storm.