The “Hope” Devotional

40 days of devotions designed for anyone battling illness.

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Watch “There is Hope”

Do you have a loved one who's battling sickness? Maybe you're in a health struggle of your own. In this Miracle Channel special, hear miraculous stories of healing and lives changed. And see how hope is spreading across Canada.

Why was "Hope" created?

This “Hope” devotional was designed for people battling a health crisis. In working with local pastors, devotions were carefully chosen on topics covering God’s promise of healing, persevering faith, and peace through the storms. This book will also have a section about salvation which gives readers an opportunity to make Jesus their Lord and Saviour.

Distribution Plans

Send copies of “Hope” to our Miracle Channel community

This devotional hits home for our MC community. The most common prayer requests received are for healing for themselves or a loved one.

Talk to non-profits

Our team will reach out to as many non-profits as possible to see if their residents are interested in receiving "Hope":

  • pastors and churches that do hospital visitation,

  • hospitals,

  • personal care homes, and

  • all other healthcare facilities

Mail out “Hope” to care homes across Canada

The last step is mailing thousands of copies of “Hope” to care homes across Canada. Every person in Canada who needs this devotional should have the opportunity to receive it. This is why your donation matters—to help make this devotional free for whoever needs hope right now.

Your donation puts “Hope” into the hands of people who need healing.

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Request a Copy of "Hope"

Use the contact form below to request a copy for yourself or a loved one. "Hope: Devotions to Fill Your Heart With Peace" includes 40 devotions and a website link giving you exclusive access to over ten resources—including 50% off Leon's online course, Survival Guide: Your 30 Day Lifeline to Healing.

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*This devotional will only be sent to addresses within Canada

Watch real testimonies of people receiving God’s healing and intervention when they needed it most.


Watch Ernest’s story of miraculous healing—what doctor’s said was impossible is now his life-changing testimony.  


A little girl was saved from her unresponsive, critical state through the power of prayer.


An 87 year-old man accepted salvation near death after God used a nurse to call the church.


Leon shares how the power of hearing God’s Word brought a women out of an induced coma.

Be part of the reason people are holding onto hope. Remind them they are not ALONE.

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