This Will Change Your Attitude Towards People

Leon Fontaine Walk in the Word

What’s the last thing that made you happy? The gut-busting laugh kind of happy?

How about the last thing that brought you heartache?

Chances are, your answers involved people. Relationships can bring the most joy and the most pain into our lives. We’re wired for relationships, but often they get messy or broken.

Whether it’s a deep misunderstanding with your spouse, a coworker who ruffles your feathers, kids who won’t listen or a simple miscommunication with a friend… It’s easy to see that life with other people isn’t always sunshine and roses.

But God wants more for you. He wants more for your relationships. And His Word is packed with wise principles for how to treat each other.

You may think, “I know, I know—I’m supposed to serve others, be patient and say kind words. But have you seen the way I’m treated?”

It’s one thing to know what the Word says. It’s another to have it sink into your heart and affect your life. When we speak God’s Word out loud and meditate on it, something interesting happens.

Your attitude begins to change. Pretty soon, you start acting and speaking differently—even if the situation hasn’t changed. Your coworker might still make barbed remarks, but you don’t react the same way. Your spouse might not have changed yet, but the way you approach them is different.

So what does God’s Word have to say about our relationships?

You can go to 1 Corinthians 13:7 and say, “I walk in love and look for the best in everyone. As I hang onto hope, my relationships keep growing stronger, even in difficult times.”

Or you could take Romans 12:10 and declare, “I live my life in a way that’s devoted to others! In everything I do, I honour others by putting them first.”

It may feel funny to say these things when you’re still boiling mad at someone else. Yet as you speak the Word and picture it taking place in your life, Holy Spirit goes to work on your heart.

He helps you pursue peace in your relationships, live in harmony and keep a good attitude even when you’re not treated right. He empowers you to forgive, set healthy boundaries, show patience and walk in love.

God wouldn’t give you principles that are impossible to follow. If it’s in the Word, you can do it with His help! It is possible.

To help you start speaking God’s Word over your life, we want to share something called Walk in the Word. It’s a downloadable PDF with personal declarations based on different verses, and this one is all about relationships! Click here to download.

Then use it as a reminder to declare God’s Word every day. As you take steps to change, Holy Spirit wants to work through you to bring healing and restoration to all your relationships!

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