Was Jesus Ever Sick?

Leon Fontaine Devoted

So that He fulfilled what was spoken by the prophet Isaiah: “He Himself took our infirmities [upon Himself] and carried away our diseases.” Matthew 8:17 (AMP)

With Easter just around the corner, let’s meditate on this fact: Jesus was inflicted with sickness so we could have healing.

During crucifixion, people could hang on the cross for days before they passed away. Because breathing was incredibly difficult if they allowed themselves to hang limp, they would try to use their nail-pierced feet in an agonizing effort to push themselves up. Roman soldiers knew this, so if they wanted to speed things up, they would break their legs. They had to do this to the thieves who hung beside Jesus, but when they approached Jesus, He was already dead.

Why did the two thieves outlast our powerful Jesus? It’s because He wasn’t just dealing with the pain and agony of crucifixion. Jesus (who knew no sin) was made to be sin for us. Part of the reign of Satan after the fall of mankind was sickness and disease, which Jesus also dealt with on the cross. He carried sickness and disease away by taking them upon Himself on the cross!

Sickness had come into this world because of one person’s sin (Adam), but healing is now our right because of one person’s sacrifice (Jesus). It’s a free gift to every believer. We can’t qualify for it, and we don’t need to get ourselves sin-free to earn. In fact, it has nothing to do with us and everything to do with Jesus our Healer.

This Easter, release yourself from trying to earn healing by meditating on the fact that Jesus took sickness and disease upon Himself so that you could be healed!