What kind of fruit do you eat?

Leon Fontaine Christmas Devotional

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it and indulge it will eat its fruit and bear the consequences of their words”
Proverbs 18:21 (AMP)

Is there a better time to believe in miracles, than Christmas?!

Regardless of whatever obstacle you might be facing right now, I encourage you to reflect on the greatest miracle of all—the birth of Jesus.

I know that as you’re reading this, you may be struggling. Are you in a relationship filled with conflict? Do you feel guilty for something you’ve done? Have you been trying to overcome deep emotional wounds from your past?

I want you to know that Jesus has already given you everything you need to overcome any challenge in your life!

Because of this incredible gift, it isn’t up to God to move in your life anymore. He already made the move when He sent Jesus! The sacrifice Jesus paid gave you salvation, freedom, and authority to move mountains in your life—using your faith!

Now, it’s up to you. The ball is in your court! If you want to see positive change in any area of your life, you need to rewire your brain to start believing RIGHT things.

In order to believe right, you need to think right. Make a habit of focusing your mind on the truths found in God’s Word and remember that you’re in right-standing with Jesus! You don’t need to qualify yourself for a miracle because Jesus already qualified you!

But don’t forget: faith is dead unless it’s spoken.

Like today’s verse tells us, we can bring life—or death—to our situation, relationships, and home by the words we speak!

I challenge you to start putting your faith where your mouth is. Begin to declare that the peace of God is on your spouse; that this Shalom-peace is on your family. Declare that His grace flows on all those that come into contact with you.

Some people give up quickly when they don’t immediately see God’s blessing in their life. Even if it’s hard, don’t give up after a day, a week, or even a year.

Keep faith at the forefront of your relationship with God as you renew your mind and receive all that Jesus made possible for you.

Choosing words of life this season,
Your Miracle Channel Family

PS: Nothing stirs up our faith more than to look back and remember all the amazing things God has done for us in the past. Can you remember a time when God moved a mountain in your life? Reply to this email and tell us what happened when you refused to give up and stood in faith for a breakthrough. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!