Who Are You Going To Believe

Leon Fontaine Devoted

For we are God’s masterpiece. Ephesians 2:10 (NLT)

How do you picture yourself? What is the image you see? Have you tied the image of a failure to your name? Do you define yourself as the loser who went bankrupt, the woman who couldn’t keep her marriage going or the kid who can’t do math?

If you don’t make the conscious effort to think about what God says about you, getting it to take root inside, you will go through life allowing people and life experiences to define you. This is why parents must be so strong about speaking into their children’s lives.

I remember years ago I was praying with my daughter at bedtime when she started to cry. A little boy at school had told her that she was ugly. I assured her that I thought she was gorgeous and then asked her, “Who are you going to believe? That little boy or your daddy?” Her big eyes smiled up at me and she said with excitement, “I’m not just beautiful, I’m smart too!”

It’s vital that we tell our children who they are. Otherwise someone else or the failures they endure will do it. If the words I spoke to my daughter that day could have that much influence on her self-image, imagine how much more powerfully the words of your Father in Heaven can shape what you think and believe about yourself.

The image, picture or collection of thoughts you have about yourself must be based on what God your Father says about you, not anyone else. Who are you going to believe?