Yes You Can!

Leon Fontaine Devoted

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6 (KJV)

As believers, we have everything we need to build a successful life because of Jesus in us. He qualified us for every promise in the Bible which means those promises are ours.

For example, when we’re sick and we confess God’s Word over our bodies, we declare, “Body, you are healthy and whole in Jesus’ name.” We aren’t lying; we’re simply speaking the truth of what we are in Him.

The trouble is, we often play the blame game when things go wrong in life. Telling ourselves things like, “University is too hard for someone like me” or “The devil’s attacks are too strong for me”. Thoughts like this place false limits on who we are in Christ. After all, how could the devil be too strong for us if Jesus is in us—the same Jesus who defeated the devil and now holds all authority? (Matthew 28:18.)

Excuses and devil-blaming stops us from taking responsibility and places us in a zone where we’re unable to change. Notice the Bible doesn’t say, “My people are destroyed because of the enemy’s attack.” It actually points out the problem is a lack of knowledge.

When issues crop up with the organizations I help run, I accept responsibility because then I can begin to look for the root cause. If knowledge is what’s lacking, an achievable solution would be gaining more skills or understanding in that area.

If we pair this approach with studying God’s Word daily, nothing will stand in the way of our success. We’re able to rise up and move forward with the correct belief systems in place. It’s time we lose that old voice inside that says, “I can’t,” because in Christ, we can!