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Miracle Channel's streaming service

We're here to serve you and the next generation with clean, fun entertainment and Christian teaching.

Because of our generous donors, we're able to extend full access to Corco+. to sign up for your account.

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What's Inside

The dream is for Corco+ to be THE place Christians can go to for spiritual growth, but also to unwind and have fun. Here's a sneak peak of the library.

Accidental ActivistInto The AmazonHillsong TVAmazed By YouRanger Rob
The Spirit Contemporary LifeJoyce MeyerJoseph PrinceChristine CaineSuperbook
321 Penguins
SuperbookMonster Truck Adventures321 Penguins

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Corco+?

Corco+ is Miracle Channel's online streaming service, powered by our donors. But unlike other streaming platforms, Corco is MORE than entertainment.

Everything is handpicked to reinforce your family's core values! You can watch movies, TV shows, talk shows and there's even programs for your kids.

Here's what you'll find inside Corco+:
— Our Miracle Channel livestream, which means you won't miss any of your favourite Christian teaching programs OR our original shows.
— Bonus Christian teaching from pastors who aren't on our channel, like Levi Lusko, Steven Furtick and Louis Giglio
— Movies that are perfect for your next family movie night-in.
— And kids shows like Franklin and Friends, Paws and Tales and VeggieTales.

Do I have to be a Miracle Channel donor to get a Corco+ account?

We created Corco+ as a gift to our donors. When you give, you fuel the work God is doing through this ministry and you leave an eternal impact on the next generation. It sounds big, but it starts small!

We believe what you do as a parent or grandparent matters. And by giving your kids a media source that reinforces your family values, you're raising modern-day heroes of the faith!

Monthly donors get unlimited access to Corco+. If you're not ready to give yet, give Corco+ a try and get access to our sample library with just your email address.

If you're thinking about giving to Miracle Channel, but want to see how your donation will be used, click here.

When I give to Miracle Channel, where does my money go?

When you give, you...

Make it possible to add new and better programs to Corco+.
The more top-level programs and shows that are available, the more ways your family can grow.

Help improve all the nuts and bolts behind the scenes,
so that this service can continue to push for excellence as we serve you every way we can.

Make good, clean entertainment (and unlimited Christian teaching) available to more families across Canada!
Your giving will leave a legacy—not only in your kids' hearts, but in the hearts of countless other families. We can't do this without you. But together, we can champion the cause for the next generation of believers.

What makes Corco+ different from other streaming services I use?

Corco+ is full of good, clean fun—so you don't have to filter what your kids are watching. With all the other secular streaming services out there, we believe it needs to be just as easy to access media that affirms your values and beliefs. It needs to be here for your kids today and in the years to come.

Looking around, you can see the erosion of our Christian values in society, even over the last few years. That could all turn around in one generation. What if we turned it around in THIS generation?

That's why Corco+ exists. We owe it to the generations of believers after us to stay committed to growing, changing and advancing in technology. In everything you do as a parent or grandparent, Corco+ equips you to raise your kids to be firmly grounded in the core values you're teaching them. They won't just know what the Word says—they'll live it out and impact their world!

Can I have access to Corco+ if I donate to Springs Church Mission Giving?

Unfortunately, only direct Miracle Channel donors can receive full access to Corco.+

Springs Church and Miracle Channel are two separate organizations. To protect you and your personal information, The Privacy Act prohibits organizations from sharing donor information with one another.

To set up a recurring donation to Miracle Channel and get unlimited access to Corco+,

I'm having technical difficulties. Help!

No problem, we've got you covered. We have answers to your questions on our support website. If that page doesn't answer your questions, someone on our team would love to help you out!

Go to for support.

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