Miracle Channel is available on many platforms!

  • Live Stream

    Watch Miracle Channel wherever you are and whenever you want by visiting our live stream online. Our live stream is available on every device and conveniently works all over the world.

  • Video-on-Demand

    You can watch our shows, along with hundreds of other titles, on our video-on-demand platform, Corco. Corco is a gift to Miracle Channel’s generous donors.

  • Television

    We air across Canada on several major cable and satellite providers and reach over 5.1 million homes! Contact your service provider to see if we air near you. Click here for our full list of providers.


You could get the Miracle Channel on local cable in your area!

Here’s how: Phone or write your cable provider.
Your cable service provider wants to know what you want to watch. They may already be airing the Miracle Channel and if not may decide to air it as a result of your phone call or letter.