Don’t Get Taken Out of the Battle

January 14, 2022

“In the world you have tribulation and distress and suffering, but be courageous [be confident, be undaunted, be filled with joy]; I have overcome the world.” [My conquest is accomplished, My victory abiding.] John 16:33 (AMP)

In Old Testament days, when soldiers became overwhelmed with fear, they were removed from battle and sent home to their families. Why? Because keeping them within the ranks allowed them to spread a spirit of fear. 

Now, we know a spirit of fear doesn’t come from God. He’s given believers a spirit of power, love and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7) which is crucial to use when it comes to dealing with life’s problems.

The enemy wants to keep us focused on our needs, concerns and issues. However, when our eyes are only on our problems, we lose focus on the One who provides solutions. And if we’re all busy worrying about our own needs and troubles, then who will minister to whom? If everyone in the military was afraid and sent home, who would remain to defend what’s important and take ground against the enemy? 

Staying internally strong requires a spirit of power, love and a sound mind. When storms blow, don’t let a spirit of fear take you out of battle. 

Speak back to any fear that tries to creep in. Meditate on God’s Word so that you know who you are and whose you are in Christ. Call out fear by speaking God’s Word against it. Stake your claim on Jesus’ victory. Because Jesus has overcome the world, He says we can face trials with confidence and joy. After all, while we are guaranteed troubles in this lifetime, those troubles are not guaranteed victory over us. 

We all walk through battles and trying times, but take heart— Jesus already won the war, and in Him the victory is yours!

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