The Storm Will Pass

January 12, 2022

But Caleb tried to quiet the people as they stood before Moses. “Let’s go at once to take the land,” he said. “We can certainly conquer it!” Numbers 13:30 (NLT)

Problems are like storms—they pass. But how you handle those problems until they do pass makes a difference.

Numbers chapters 13 and 14 shows the importance of perseverance and having the right attitude in the face of adversity. Moses sent twelve spies to explore the land God had promised them. They all returned to report an amazing, resource-rich country full of fortified towns and powerful giants living in the land. 

Ten of the spies spoke of inevitable defeat and their fear-mongering spread like wildfire throughout the entire Israelite camp. Only two of the twelve—Caleb and Joshua—held faith in God’s promises. They were convinced His presence guaranteed triumph over their enemies. 

As a result, they were the only two spies God allowed to enter the Promised Land. The other spies and the rest of the Israelite camp over the age of twenty died without ever entering it. Caleb and Joshua received what their attitude and persistent faith expected—victory. 

You see, it wasn’t that Caleb and Joshua didn’t see the same giants or difficulties. They just believed that God keeps His promises. In the same way, while we don’t deny our problems, we don’t let the fear of them rule us either. We can still take ground based on what God says is ours even if it involves a battle.

Today, if you feel like a “frightened spy,” I challenge you to adopt an attitude like Caleb and Joshua. Believe that because God is with you, you can only know victory. Until problems pass, stand on God’s Word. Remember, when God says something is yours, it’s yours!

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