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The Missing Peace

Do you struggle to hang onto peace? Maybe you've been feeling depressed or anxious lately, or you struggle with low self-confidence and the feeling you'll never be able to measure up.

When facing these kinds of struggles, we tend to hide what we're going through. Because of the stigma associated with mental health issues, we don't want others to know—especially our fellow believers.

The truth is, you're not alone, and you have no reason to be ashamed. Many Christians share your struggle. And there is hope.

In my four-part audio series, The Missing Peace, you'll learn:

  • the six major fears that torment people,
  • why religion is one of the major causes of depression,
  • the missing piece for many who struggle to experience peace, and
  • how to implement one of the greatest solutions to overcoming mood disorders and depression.

You can experience a life filled with peace, joy and confident expectation for an amazing future!

The Missing Peace

Leon Fontaine

Leon Fontaine is Senior Pastor of Springs Church (one of the largest churches in Canada), the CEO of Miracle Channel, a world renowned speaker and author of The Spirit Contemporary Life and Supernatural Promises. He and his wife, Sally, have five children who are all passionately serving in ministry.