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Featuring the best of Leon's weekly teachings, this daily program teaches you how to unleash the miraculous in your everyday world!

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Live In a New Dimension

Do you ever feel stuck in life?

The truth is there is no limit to the potential you have in Christ. You’ve been given all things that pertain to life and godliness. You are empowered to live an abundant life, filled with freedom, joy and peace, health and prosperity. You have what it takes and God’s promises are yours. No good thing is withheld from you, and no one has the power to keep you down.

In my three-part audio series, Live in a New Dimension, you will:

  • uncover powerful truths from God’s Word that reveal who you truly are in Christ,
  • discover how limitless you really are, and
  • be empowered to live in a new dimension!

It’s time to realize how bright your future truly is. God has great things in mind for you, and you can rise up to live beyond your limits!

Live In a New Dimension

Leon Fontaine

Leon Fontaine is Senior Pastor of Springs Church (one of the largest churches in Canada), the CEO of Miracle Channel, a world renowned speaker and author of The Spirit Contemporary Life and Supernatural Promises. He and his wife, Sally, have five children who are all passionately serving in ministry.